Hello, My name is Rick Petro and I started Georgia Home Inspection Services in year 2000 and have overseen its increased growth every year since.

My background is in construction, having been both a general and electrical contractor for over 20 years. After seeing many of the problems and nightmares new homeowners go through- as they called me to fix so many of the problems they had with homes they purchased and did not have inspected, or had been missed by a less qualified inspector, I decided that I could be more helpful to people by becoming a home inspector and finding the problems BEFORE they bought their home.

I went back to school to study all of the International Residential Codes and home inspection business practices. I've taken the exams, joined all the right organizations, and maintained annual continuing education that allows me to provide some of the best- and most personalized- service available anywhere.

Finding a problem is one thing- knowing what to do next is another.

I can help with both. If I find a problem (the fewer I find, the better for you), I will explain what your best and least expensive course of action should be (remember, I used to be the guy you called to fix the problem).

Highly qualified- personalized service & lower pricing than most other companies is my recipe for success. If I can be of help, please call- if not, good luck and thanks for stopping by.